Veterinarian Formulated

Veterinarian Recommended Dog Supplements

Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham, or ‘Marc the Vet’ as he is more commonly known, is a practicing veterinary surgeon, author, and animal welfare campaigner based in Brighton, England. As well as employing his veterinary skills both here and abroad, current Daily Mirror/RSPCA ‘Vet of the Year’ Marc also campaigns for numerous animal welfare issues including microchipping, rescue pet adoption, responsible breeding, and against puppy farming. In 2009, he set up PupAid, a national puppy farming awareness campaign that involves an annual fun dog show in London as well as being responsible for the biggest pet welfare petition of all time, part of his relentless lobbying of MPs in Westminster to positively influence laws affecting our nation’s pets.

Carolyn Menteith
Trainer & Behaviourist

Carolyn Menteith is a leading dog trainer, behaviourist, writer and presenter based in the UK, working closely with us on all things Pettura. As an internationally renowned dog expert and experienced broadcaster, she will be familiar to many in the UK from her appearances on TV in shows such as Top Dog, What’s Up Dog? and Celebrity Dog School. She is also a regular on radio programmes when a dog expert is needed. She writes a monthly column for Your Dog magazine, and has written and presented a series of dog training films (many of which are on Dog Coach Videos) and has written 5 books.

Dr. Jeffrey L. Lee

Pettura Recommended by Dr. Jeffrey L. Lee, DVM

"Nutrition is very important for your dog’s health but it does not always do everything we need, so feeding your dog a balanced diet is a good start but supplements can be used to bridge the gap between doing well and being active and healthy for longer."

Dr. Robert J Mayo, DVM

Pettura Recommended by Dr. Robert J Mayo, DVM

“As a veterinarian orthopaedic surgeon, we see a lot of joint problems that could have been prevented with proper supplementation. That’s why we recommend Pettura Healthy Joints.”

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