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Pettura Reviews Testimonials

“After we started using Pettura Oral Health we noticed the difference in his plaque on his teeth and his fresh breath.”
- Rachel, Richard's Mom

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Pettura Healthy Joints supplement Testimonial

“My dog is 12 years old but thinks she is a puppy! We find she has a hard time getting up the stairs and getting up on the bed. Giving her a pill is not easy; she would out smart me by licking around the treat and drop the pill. Pettura is very easy to use, she likes the taste. With Pettura Healthy Joints she doesn't seem to be in pain, it's made a big difference.”
- Andrea Stuhley, Roxy's owner

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Pettura Calming Review

“My Mom gave Cookie the Pettura Calming, and he is like a real hyper dog it just mellows him out calms him down. He likes it.”
- Peytin Esposito, Cookie’s owner

Pettura Calming

Pettura Healthy Joints Review

“I take liquid supplements and believe they absorb better in my system, so it makes sense to me to give my dog Pettura. Before Pettura Healthy Joints, Riley was groaning, achy and showing signs of arthritis. Now he is not groaning as much, or at all and he is able to jump on the bed. It makes me so happy to see him comfortable.”
- Eileen Murphy, Riley’s owner

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Pettura Reviews Testimonials

“It takes the bad breath away real quick, like half hour, hour…GONE!”
- Scott, Sydney & Kylie's Dad

Meet my dog and me

Pettura Reviews Testimonials

“It really has impacted his life and our life. We can let him get close to us and breathe on us and it was so easy. I could just put it on my finger and rub it on his teeth, and it was great!
- Sheri, Chewy’s Mom

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Pettura Healthy Joints Reviews Testimonials

“When his hips are not doing well sometimes his legs slip out from under him and he falls. After Bubba was taking Pettura Healthy Joints his hips did not bother him as much. His mobility is better and he stopped having episodes of yelping in pain. He is able to get up and down the stairs more easily.”
- Jen Brantley, Bubba’s owner

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8 out of 10 would recommend Pettura 91% said it was easier to use Pettura than other supplements

Pettura Reviews Testimonials

“It's important to me to keep Sapphire pain free. Pettura is so easy, it's not a pill which is always challenging, I have to hide a pill in cheese and then she spits it out. You just squirt Pettura into her food and she doesn't even know it's there. I would highly recommend Pettura to Friends and family. Keeping your dog pain free and feeling young is a wonderful thing.”
- Janni Richardson, Sapphire’s owner

Meet my dog and me
86% said their dogs liked Pettura supplements 74% noticed an obvious reduction in their dogs discomfort after using Pettura

Pettura Skin & Coat review

“We gave him the Pettura Skin & Coat, after a while the fur got really soft and he has not itched as much. Yes I would really recommend it to my friends and family. Seems like he likes it so I’m sure my friends dog would like it too. I would love for Cookie to live his full life span… I love Pettura and I know it makes Cookie healthy and happy.”
- Peytin Esposito, Cookie’s owner

Pettura Skin & Coat
80% said Pettura Skin and Coat kelped to promote healthy skin and coat 78% said Pettura calming relieves stress

*Consumer study with 480 pet parents and their dogs - March 2016

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