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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Pettura?

Pettura is a veterinary formulated range of easy-to-dose liquid and gel supplements for dogs.

2) How do I use Pettura?

For Pettura Healthy Joints, Skin & Coat, Multi Vitamin and Calming, simply squirt onto your dog's food, no need for mixing. Pettura Oral Health is in a gel format which you apply to your dog's gum line. The gel will distribute throughout the teeth and mouth.

4) How long will it take to see results of Pettura in my dog?

Pettura Healthy Joints
Pettura Skin and Coat
Pettura Calming
Pettura Multi-Vitamin
Pettura Oral Health

*Results may vary

How quickly you should see results
7 days*
7 days*
15 minutes*
Results will vary depending on breed and diet.
This depends on the level of tartar build up already on your dog’s teeth.
Results will vary depending on your dog’s individual conditions.

5) How much Pettura should I give to my dog?

You will find a dosing grid on the side of your Pettura carton and on the back of the bottle. For Pettura Healthy Joints, Pettura Skin & Coat and Pettura Multi-Vitamin:

Pettura ingredient table

For Pettura Calming:

For pettura calming

For Pettura Digestive Health:

Pettura ingredient table

For Pettura Oral Health:

Simply apply to your dog’s gum line using your finger and let Pettura Oral Health do the rest. It controls tartar effectively without brushing. Use as part of a daily oral hygiene routine to control tartar and bad breath, ideally twice daily.

6) Are there any side effects associated with Pettura?

There are no known side effects reported.

7) Who should not take Pettura?

If your dog has known allergies to an ingredient, pregnant or intended for breeding, consult with your vet prior to using this product.

8) Will Pettura interfere with other medications that my dog is taking?

As with any supplement it is important to discuss with your vet before introducing it to your pet. For dogs with clotting disorders, being treated with anticoagulant medications, diabetes, any metabolic disorder causing hyperglycaemia please consult your vet.

9) Does it need to be refrigerated?

No. Store at room temperature.

10) How long will the product last?

Each of the Pettura liquid and gel products contain 118ml. Pettura Digestive Health contains 30 chews. How long each of the products will last depends on your dog’s weight. The dosing grid can be found in 'Directions of Use' on the carton or sachet, the bottle or on the product pages. Click here to learn more.

11) What is the shelf life of Pettura?

36 months.

12) Where can I purchase Pettura?

You can purchase Pettura on

13) What type of credit cards do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch. You can also now complete your order by paying with PayPal.

14) How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Typically, shipments arrive within 7-10 business days.

15) How much is shipping?

We offer flat-rate shipping of £2.99.

16) Where is my order?

When you place an order and provide an email address, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order number. You will also receive a notification email with your tracking number once your order has shipped. If you would prefer not to provide an email address, please call 0845 399 1962 and we will be happy to assist you.

17) How is my order being shipped?

Shipping methods may vary. Refer to your shipping confirmation email for tracking information.

18) I would like to return my product. Where should I send it?

Please see our return policy for more information.

19) What if I am not satisfied with the product?Money Back Guarantee

At Pettura we are confident that you will be happy, however, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the product. Simply save the unused portion of product, the original sales receipt and call us directly on 0845 399 1962. The money back guarantee is valid for 30 days from receipt of product and limited to one return per product per household.

20) Dr Lee

Jeffrey L. Lee, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

In 1980 Dr. Lee graduated Gregorio Araneta University in Veterinary Medicine. He was hired at the University of Southern California as a Clinical Veterinarian and specialized in Small Animal Medicine. He pursued further education at the University of Pennsylvania in Equine & Food Animal Medicine and Surgery. He also received training at the Animal Medical Center in New York in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery. In 1991 he became Director of the Biological Resources Center at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. In 1998, he received an academic appointment with the College of Arts and Sciences at California State University Los Angeles. Currently he is a Veterinary Consultant to many large Institutions, hospitals and Bio-Medical companies.

21) Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham, or ‘Marc the Vet’ as he is more commonly known, is a practicing veterinary surgeon, author, and animal welfare campaigner based in Brighton, England.

Marc qualified from Edinburgh University and has since worked in small animal, mixed, and emergency practice, as well as volunteering oversees for animal rescue projects including vaccinating dogs against rabies in Mumbai, rescuing dancing bears in Ukraine, saving cats and dogs in post-tsunami Thailand, neutering pets in the Amazon, and operating on moonbears in Chengdu, China.

As well as employing his veterinary skills both here and abroad, current Daily Mirror/RSPCA ‘Vet of the Year’ Marc also campaigns for numerous animal welfare issues including microchipping, rescue pet adoption, responsible breeding, and against puppy farming. In 2009 he set up PupAid, a national puppy farming awareness campaign that involves an annual fun dog show in London as well as being responsible for the biggest pet welfare petition of all time, part of his relentless lobbying of MPs in Westminster to positively influence laws affecting our nation’s pets.

Marc began his TV career as resident vet on The Paul O’Grady Show, and has since appeared giving pet advice on BBC Breakfast, ITV’s This Morning, Alan Titchmarsh Show, Good Morning Britain (previously Daybreak), It’s Me Or the Dog, Crufts, Animal Rescue Live, as well as a series on Sky One called My Pet Shame alongside Gavin & Stacey’s Joanna Page.

As well as TV, Marc has also written two books: Vet on Call, and Pets in Need. Marc regularly blogs for The Huffington Post and has composed over 1000 articles, columns, blogs on caring for animals for local, special interest, professional, and national media. Marc is experienced at public speaking, weekly newspaper and magazine columns, on all aspects of vet practice; especially customer/client care, responsible pet ownership, social media, PR, and animal welfare issues.

Marc regularly visits local schools to teach pupils about looking after animals, and often appears on radio, online, and social media raising awareness of important UK and global animal welfare issues, from pet obesity and fireworks night, to tick awareness and keeping wild animals in captivity. His corporate work includes working with brands such as The Guardian, Direct Line Pet Insurance, and Netmums, and his iPhone app Canine Care is free to download in the App Store offering tips for pet owners too.

Marc is a producer of movie documentary DogByDog, as well as proud patron of a few animal welfare charities including Oldies Club, Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England, K9 Crusaders, Speaking Out For Animals, and is also an active supporter of various animal welfare organisations including Animals Asia, The Mayhew Animal Home, Wood Green Animal Shelter, and many more. Marc’s hobbies include snowboarding and scuba diving.

Daily Mirror/RSPCA Vet of the Year Award – 2015
CEVA Vet of the Year Award – 2014
CEVA Special Recognition Award for Animal Welfare 2013
Special Recognition Award – Petplan Vet Awards 2007
Overall winner – National Pet Month Awards 2006
2006 Responsible Business Award – Brighton and Hove Business Awards

22) Carolyn Menteith

Leading dog trainer, behaviourist, writer and presenter based in the UK.

Carolyn has lived and worked with animals for most of her life. After training and working as a qualified horse riding instructor (and various other things!) Carolyn returned to her first love - dogs.

While she felt like she had ‘come home’, Carolyn was so often disillusioned by the standard of dog training that seemed to be the norm, and depressed by the lack of knowledge out there to help the public become good and responsible dog owners. As a result, she became passionate about bringing the principles of reward-based training into the eye of a public who still hailed Barbara Woodhouse as a goddess!

“Imagine you are trying to pick a school for your child, she says”. “Would you be impressed by a teacher who shouted, screamed and hit the pupils for not grasping the finer points of quantum physics? Or would you prefer a teacher who encouraged the children to enjoy learning, who recognised their own individual skills, and so helped them realise their potential to be exceptional adults?”

“Choosing a way to train your dog presents exactly the same dilemma,” she continues. “You either go for the old-fashioned approach of jerking on the choke chain and punishing mistakes (an approach that is sadly making a comeback thanks to certain TV dog trainers), or you can cherish the relationship you have with your friend and treat him with the respect and love you would a child. Not really a tough choice? I don’t think so - but many still disagree with me.

So not only is Carolyn a passionate reward-based trainer, but she is also dedicated to trying to make life better for as many of the nation’s dogs (and their owners) as possible.

She does that by giving seminars and workshops, writing in the press and broadcasting on radio, TV and new media - as well as working with dogs and their owners, as well as dogs in rescue.

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